Thanksgiving Distribution 2022

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Dare to Care, Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization that has served the South Florida community since 2004. Broward County has been identified as an area where families are challenged with food insecurity regularly. In Broward County, the website provides that –

  • 222,100 people do not have enough food to be active and healthy (66,810 of them are children).
  • 51% of food bank-assisted households eat food past the expiration date.
  • 69% of food-insecure households choose between food and utilities.
  • 63% of senior households are forced to choose between food and medical care.

We provide fresh, healthy produce, dairy, eggs, meat, and canned goods to provide hunger relief to those most affected by food insecurity.

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Our annual Thanksgiving event serves over 3,000 families. We desperately need corporate support to help underwrite this initiative. Sponsorship levels range from $1,000 to $25,000. Our annual budget for this event has been approximately $100,000. Though we receive support from Farm Share and Feeding South Florida with some food items, we are required to supplement the groceries with turkeys and other proteins to help make a complete meal. Last year, we had over 300 volunteers from the Broward community. They included members of the Faith Center and the local community.

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Annually, Dare to Care sponsors a Thanksgiving food distribution. We distribute groceries sufficient to feed a family of four, a complete Thanksgiving dinner, including turkeys and all the fixings.

Each year we experience a shortage of turkeys to distribute to families for this annual event. We have been successful in supplementing this deficit with chickens to ensure families receive adequate protein. With our goal this year to provide meals to over 3,000 families, we again are anticipating a shortage of turkeys. Additionally, the amount of grocery (fixings) we are able to provide directly correlates to the available financial resources.

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Fundraising for Dare to Care Thanksgiving Food Distribution 2022. The target for our annual Thanksgiving event this year is over 3,000 families. We need your support to achieve this.

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