What We Do

DARE TO CARE is a not for profit food pantry located in Lauderhill, Florida, US.

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Food Pantry

Dare to Care, Inc. (DTC) is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization that has served the South Florida community since 2004.  We provide weekly food distribution to adults, children, and seniors who are negatively impacted by food insecurity.  Dare to Care is addressing food insecurity through our primary initiatives: (1) Provide groceries to seniors, adults, and children each week, (2) provide groceries for a complete Thanksgiving dinner, including a turkey with all the fixings to over 3,000 families, and (3) partner with other local community agencies to address social, health, spiritual, and financial needs.  DTC is located in the City of Lauderhill, Florida, which has been identified by census data as having a poverty rate of 19.1%. 

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Healthy Food For All

Broward County has been identified as an area where food insecurity is a reality that many residents face daily.  According to the most recent Census Bureau data, in Broward County, 15.5 percent of the population—281,940 people—goes days or more without access to enough food to be active and healthy.

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Partnering for Progress

Dare to Care is a Partner Agency (PA) with Farm Share, Feeding South Florida, and a Gateway Community Outreach choice pantry where clients can choose the food that they want. Dare to Care, Inc. was established as an outreach ministry founded by The Faith Center Ministries in Sunrise, Florida.  In 2018, DTC was established as a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.  We are fortunate to continue our partnership with TFC.

Donate & Volunteer

Donating to and volunteering with Dare to Care Inc. in Lauderhill, Florida, is of paramount importance in our community. This organization serves as a lifeline to 400 families every week by providing essential groceries and much-needed support. The Thanksgiving drive, hosted at the Faith Center in Sunrise, targets over 3,000 families, ensuring that they have a warm meal during the holiday season. These initiatives not only alleviate hunger but also foster a sense of togetherness and compassion within our community. By contributing our time and resources to Dare to Care Inc., we are actively making a positive impact on the lives of those in need, exemplifying the true spirit of giving and solidarity. This organization embodies the essence of community support and reminds us of the power of coming together to help those less fortunate.

Our Food Bank Donors

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